‘I thought the stay and play session (Forest room) today was great. I really enjoyed seeing Ella in her pre-school environment, as she enjoyed showing me different aspects of her day, and the staff were very welcoming and friendly.’ – Jade

Jordan was very shy at the stay and play to begin with and didn’t really want to interact with anyone, all of the staff went above and beyond to make him feel comfortable enough to settle in and he was so excited to come back today.

When picking him up he couldn’t wait to tell me how nice everyone was and how much fun he had. He said “I really like the ladies in the blue tops”. Can I go back next week.’ – Emma

‘When Poppie started in September, she was shy and didn’t want to go in, all the staff at the Main Street setting are so lovely and made her feel at ease. Within a week she was giving them a hug and says hello before saying goodbye to me.’ 

‘I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how happy and impressed we are with the staff at the Forest Room.

Before starting Pre-School my daughter was very anxious with severe separation anxiety when I’d take her to nursery and was always upset at there. Due to this we were very anxious how the transition would go.

All the staff have gone out of their way to make my daughter and us feel comfortable and confident. Connie is now so comfortable and happy at pre school and looks forward to the days she attends. Connie has come on leaps and bounds since joining forest school and we felt it was important to thankyou to the team for their support in this.

I would like to specially thank Kerry and Connie’s key worker Allison for the role they have both played in settling Connie in and supporting her development and also for their support they have offered us since Connie started.’ – Mel 

‘My child started at Fourfields Pre-Sschool in September 2022, she loves it there, when she comes home she’s excited to tell me what she has been up to. She always talks about Sam and Hannah; we talk about all the staff members that work in her room every day, even the days she is not at Pre-School. Thank you everyone for the support you have given us both and making us feel welcome from day one!’ – Laura

‘I’m so pleased on how well Katy is getting on at Pre-School. When she first started, she didn’t want me to leave and took a lot of reassurance but now she has got some confidence with the staff in her room. She happy to go in and doesn’t take a lot of reassurance to go in. It really helped having the stay and play session with Katy at the beginning, as it gave me the chance to see how she is getting on and even being in her wizzybug you have all done amazing to make sure she is able to take part in everything. Can’t thank you all enough for what you’re doing, you’re all amazing.’ – Sarah